1 Acculevel performs a free professional inspection

In-Home Inspection

An experienced Acculevel project manager will arrive at the property and perform a full inspection of any of the reported symptoms. Measurements, drawings and other details such as photographs may be taken. A contract outlining the proposed work will be provided.

2 Acculevel expertly installs a steel I-beam

Install Steel I-Beam

A steel I-Beam is cut and prepared to the correct size and installed where the old joist was. Using temporary braces, the steel I-Beam is fixed into place. Cuts may need to be made on-site to ensure a perfect fit.

3 Acculevel installs a jack

Install Jack

If there is not a sufficient footer for the jack to be placed on, the crew may use concrete block to create one. Once the footer for the jack is ready, the jack is assembled and tightened against the base of the steel I-Beam.

4 Acculevel adjusts the installed jack as needed

Adjust Jack

In some instances, the floor may be raised back into it's original position by tightening the jack. More commonly, just enough pressure is applied on the jack to prevent further sagging.

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One of our project managers will visit your home for a 30-60 minute free inspection.

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turtl Crawlspace Access & Well Door

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Possible Home Symptoms:

If you think you may need I-Beam & Jacks, it is possible you are experiencing some or all of the following symptoms. If you are not, these symptoms may appear over time if left untreated. It is not uncommon that a homeowner is requiring several services at once and may have symptoms that are inconsistent with the following graphic.


Water Intrusion


Sagging Floors


Windows/Doors Stick


Leaning Chimney


Cracked Interior Walls


Cracked Foundation Walls


Biological Growth


Foul/Musty Odor


Decreased HVAC Efficiency


Foundation Settling


Cracked Concrete


Sunken Concrete


2 Year Adjustment Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions of customer's contract with Acculevel, this warranty covers the replacement and/or up to 3 adjustments of adjustable jack foundation support within two years from the date of installation. Area of warranty is confined solely to the area of the jack installation by Acculevel Inc. *Warranty does not cover acts of God or nature such as flood, tornado, hurricane, soil creep, frost heaving or consequential as a result of these and/or any structural changes to the area, as determined in Acculevel's sole discretion.

Warranty claims must be submitted in writing to Acculevel Inc. 9495 N. Waldron Rd. Rossville, IN 46065. Once a claim has been filed, a field representative will visit the structure to evaluate the failure described and cause of the failure and contact the manufacturer as to the claim. The component in question will be exposed and elevations recorded. In approximately one month the components will be re-evaluated and elevations recorded again. This will determine the necessary action to be taken to ensure the structure is supported properly. Acculevel has the sole discretion to determine replacement or adjustment under this warranty. This warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantability, and of all other obligations on contractor's part. This is not a warranty for, and Acculevel has no liability for, direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages on any claim. The remedy provided in this warranty is customer's sole and exclusive remedy. Warranty is activated when final payment is received.

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